San Gorgonio Education Foundation

About Us

The San Gorgonio Education Foundation is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to provide funding to the students in the Banning area. Through our fund-raisers and donations we can supply the children and classrooms with much needed materials and technology to further secure their chances for a better future. We are not affiliated with Banning School District or any government or school agency.

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Our members and sponsors are local parents, businesses, and community leaders helping to improve education in our Banning schools. All board members are non-paid volunteers donating their time and effort to raise money for our local students and teachers. Our operational costs are very low so over 95% of your donations goes back to the community, including supplies and services needed to run our organization, which are purchased from local San Gorgonio Pass Merchants.

Executive Board

David Heiss
Board Member
Betty Meltzer
Board Member
Gae Rusk
Board Member
Linda Page
Board Member
Dan Varney
Board Member
Adolfo Mediano Jr
We are a non-profit organization

The San Gorgonio Education Foundation a non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductable. For information on San Gorgonio Education Foundation's tax classification and legal stuff Click Here